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Headache Research

People suffering from headache conditions are understandably interested in the research that is being done into their condition.

Research in the NHS

The NHS is committed to the use of research to improve care (

The National Institute for Health Research network regards headache as a key area for even closer co-operation between patients, charities, neurologists and research networks


BASH is keen to help people access opportunities to be involved in research if they wish.

If you are interested in headache research either as a patient or a professional please contact us and we will send you information on currently available studies and how you could get involved should you wish.

Other useful links

The Migraine Trust ( is another useful contact point for people wishing to learn more about research opportunities, and the process of taking part in research trials.

The UK clinical trials gateway is a searchable site ( and may be helpful to find out about which trials that may be available.